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Since 1996, JECTH Consultants Inc. has been committed to providing professional engineering services with an emphasis on sound and practical design solutions.

JECTH Consultants Inc. provides efficient & comprehensive engineering services input at every stage of a project : including feasibility studies, temporary work designs and permanent design including field reviews and supervision.

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Our Qualifications

JECTH Consultants Inc. has been accredited by the Bank of Montreal as exclusive environmental engineering consultants to conduct environmental assessment for financial arrangement such as construction loan and mortgage prior to property transaction.

http://2008.botanyconference.org/images/vancouver-beaches.jpgFinancial institutions which have worked with JECTH Consultants Inc.'s staff on environmental assessment reports include:

- Hong Kong Bank of Canada 
- Canada Trust 
- Toronto Dominion Bank 
- United Overseas Bank 
- Royal Bank 
- Vancouver City Credit Union 
- Laurentian Bank 
- North Shore Credit Union 
- Westminster Savings Credit Union 
- Barclays Bank 
- Bank of Nova Scotia 
- Richmond Savings Credit Union 
- Mutual Trust 
- Montreal Trust